Welcome to my kitchen from when I lived in California in 2013 and 2014. I moved to Florida in 2015, and I’m still here! Check out my Florida kitchen here.

Kitchen 1

1. I love using a Butter Crock to keep my pastured butter fresh at room temperature.
2. Cutco Knives are the highest quality knives on the market, and they come with a “Forever Guarantee,” where the company will replace them no questions asks if they are ever damaged. I’ll never have to pay for a knife again!
3. I have tons of quart mason jars, which I use for…well, everything! This one has a Cuppow lid on it for drinking.
4. I use these wide pint mason jars for culturing a pint of kefir a day.
5. The Vitamix 5200 an amazing kitchen tool and powerful blender and food processor.
6. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap is my dish soap of choice. It is also so versatile that you can use it for body wash and shampoo!
7. Our Royal Berkey with extra fluoride filters is pretty much the gold standard of water filters, other than reverse osmosis systems. The Berkey filters out pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals while leaving vital minerals.
8. I use the 1 gallon Anchor Hocking jar for my compost now, but you could also use it for kombucha because of the wide mouth!
9. My small cutting board.
10. My medium bamboo cutting board.
11. My large acacia wood cutting board with juice groove.
12. I have this Le Creuset enameled bowl for holding fruit.


Kitchen 21. I replaced my aluminum/teflon bread pans with these glass ones. They work even better than non-stick when you coat the sides with butter first!
2. I have a couple glass casserole dishes that I use for apple crisp and flan and roasts and things.
3. This cast iron tea pot is great for brewing 3 cups at once, and it keeps the tea hot for a long time.
4. Every kitchen needs a spoon rest.
5. Click HERE to see my cookbooks.
6. I use the cast iron Le Creuset 9″ skillet for making my breakfast or browning onions or small batches of things. It’s also great for omelets!
7. This size cast iron Le Creuset 10-1/4″ skillet is wonderful for most things. All Le Creuset skillets are the best your money can buy and heat and clean excellently.
8. I use this skillet almost every day! It’s my go-to! The Le Creuset 11-3/4″ Skillet.
9. This is my FAVORITE little pan! I use the Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Saucier Pan 2-1/4qt to heat up leftovers, make hot chocolate, pudding, sauces, you name it!
10. This Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Stock Pot has a 6-quart capacity and heats evenly.

Kitchen drawer 1

1. Stainless ladel
2. Turner
3. Bamboo spatula
4. Measuring spoons
5. Stainless serving spoon
6. Whisk
7. Skinny spatula


Kitchen drawer 3

1. French trivet
2. Cast iron trivet


Kitchen drawer 2

1. Serving Spoon
2. Slotted Serving Spoon
3. Magnetic Measuring spoons
4. Ladel
5. Tongs
6. Turner
7. Vegetable peeler
8. Tamper
9. Wide spatula
10. Micro grater
11. Cookie spatula
12. Petite Chef Knife
13. Mini-Strainer
14. Cleaver & leather sheath


Mixing Bowls

1. I use this pizza stone for just about everything baking related. It is my only cookie sheet. :)
2. I used my nested stainless mixing bowls for EVERYTHING. EVERYDAY. No joke. I love them.