Pots & Pans

Le Creuset 11-3/4″ Enameled Skillet

This is my daily driver. Solid. Reliable. Non-stick. Easy to clean. Indestructible. It lives on my stove-top permanently and will last a life time. Like a fine wine (and my mom), cast iron only gets better with age.

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Le Creuset 9″ Enameled Skillet

My trusty second vehicle. Just as solid a performer as my larger skillet, but perfect for frittatas and small portion dishes. I use it a lot for breakfast and side dishes.

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Le Creuset 2-1/4 Quart Saucier

Once you cook in a saucier, you’ll never go back. What makes a saucier a saucier are the rounded sides. Unlike a pot which has right angles, a saucier is rounded, which makes for easy whisking, stirring, and spooning. (And who doesn’t like spooning?)

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Le Creuset 8-Quart Covered Stockpot

In my kitchen, this is the perfect size for making soups and boiling noodles. While I use my cast iron more often, I enjoy this stainless steel stockpot for simmering lots of liquid. It’s a solid performer and beautiful to look at on the stove.

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Le Creuset 7-1/4 Quart French Oven

Oh, French oven, how I love thee! My French oven is indispensable. Just like all cast iron, I can transfer this vessel seamlessly from stove-top to oven. It comes with a beautiful heavy lid, which seals in heat and moisture and flavor. This vessel is perfect for cooking soups, curries, biryani, paella, roasting meat, stir-fries, meat pies, and more. I would not be able to cook the majority of my recipes without this amazing and versatile pan.

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Stainless Steel 20-Quart Stock Pot

What would I do without my trusty stock pot? By far my largest vessel, this reliable even-heating companion comes out of the cabinet every 2-3 weeks for another round of stock. Since I always make continuous broth, this stock pot will sit on my stove top simmering happily for 4-5 days straight, full to the brim with chicken stock or beef broth.

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The Classic Granite Water-Bath Canner

Who hasn’t seen one of these in their mom’s or grandmother’s storage? This was the first canner I ever got in order to preserve a huge boon of harvested tomatoes that I got when I was 20 years old. I am from the American South, so I’ve never had a need to can like those Northerners, but I found myself out of freezer space and WITH a canner. What’s a girl to do but put up 2 years worth of tomatoes? Read the story here

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All American 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker Canner

This mama holds a whopping 19 pint jars or 7 quart jars. My freezer space is precious, so I use the canner to stock up on shelf-stable bone broth and produce. You can also use it to pressure cook a roast in less than half the time! I love this brand because it’s high quality and made to last. Want to see it in action? Get my Pressure Canning Guide and watch my video here.

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