My name is Courtney Polivka.

I am a certified birth doula, fertility awareness advocate, real food lover, designer, master organizer, and small business advisor located in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

I live for God, my friends & family, and my cat Sophie. And social dancing. I love social dancing.

I started this blog as a way to share what I learn with others. My promise to you as a reader is that I will always be genuine with you. I take great pride in only offering you information and resources that I personally use/find helpful. This blog is literally a reflection of my life---in all it's glory and messiness.

Sometimes my dishes don't get done. Sometimes I even post embarrassing pictures of myself (like my post about getting rid of eye styes naturally). I even talk about really personal stuff like my natural alternative to birth control. And I also talk about my faith journey, because it is a journey, and I'm still learning every day what it means to follow Jesus.

This blog is a reflection of my life. I hope that by offering this piece of me to you, we can build a supportive community and, together, create a healthier more vibrant world.

I'm really glad you're here. It's a wonderful journey, my friends.

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  1. Irena

    Hi there!
    Nice blog, I like it.
    btw.Polivka means a souce in Slovenia (it is written ex.the same).
    Wishing you all the best from Slovenia.

  2. arrefeena

    haha u have the same recipe like me :-) im from czech republic and im just to post it on my youtube channel so i was wondering what are the other variations of the same food and i found your blog, that must have been my destiny!

  3. W.C.A.I.C. supports your healthy blog website.
    Good Job.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Peace be with you.

    Some Woman Named Teresa in Nebraska
    Human Trafficking Survivor, Advocate and Future Therapist.

  4. Are you related to the Polivka’s in Plano TX? BTW–your Sophie could be my Miss Kitty’s twin!

  5. hi Coutney, loved viewing your wedding album and reading your story of how you both came to go to Chiropractic school, I am a chiropractor and absolutely love the privilege God has given me to touch His people in ways only He can.
    Who is your chiro in Tn?
    Well you are in for the time of your lives, lots of hard work and learning, but worth it in the end. I am thrilled you will be focusing on moms and kids, it is so needed there, and for infants with their very first adjustments.
    God bless this journey and provide all you need for it. I will be standing on His word for you both.
    hugs from the Chicago area darling

  6. Wendy Simson Willhite

    I met you through The Coconut Mama a few weeks ago. Your Chile Rellanos are phenomenal! We love this recipe. I do mix in a little blue corn meal and yellow in the egg mixture. My husband is a retired Chiropractor! Your hubby must be going to “Life West”? Hope so! :)

  7. Michelle Osborne

    Any relation to Jane Polivka? I went to school with her son Jim. The reason why I’m wondering is my husband and I got married last yr at the courthouse and she was there and took pictures of us. (She was good friends with my husband’s mom.) Those are the only pics we have of that day so I was trying to see if she was on FB to send me those photos. :-) Haven’t had any luck yet.

    Thank you,
    Michelle Turner Osborne

    • I have no idea. Sorry!

  8. Awww, I love your Sophie ~ reminds me of my Tortie: Poppy cat! Great blog. Thanks for all the great information, ideas, and recipes. Keep up the good work you guys! :)

  9. Mary Landreth

    Are you related to Jack Polivka from the western suburbs of Chicago?
    my husband was a fraternity brother of Jack’s at U of I.
    Just asking……..

    • No…but we have family from that area. Maybe? If we are related, we are not aware.

  10. Shirley

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for about a month now, and learning so much. I just got ‘From Scratch’ in the mail today thanks to your recommendation. I also just made my first kefir this week. I’m looking forward to this new food journey.
    Any healthy food tips for getting rid of hip bursitis? Inflamation I guess is the culprit.

  11. I’m part Slovak. My maiden name is Cibak. I must say I love your blog! It’s pretty cool to see all the folks that reply that have Czech or Slovak heritage. Not very common in my part of the country. Most people in my town are from the British Isles originally, and their families have lived in the states 200 years+.

  12. Absolutely love reading your thoughts! You have inspired my husband and I to do the same! He’s working on our website now and I’m very excited. Just wanted to say I’m embarrassed I’ve just now read this and was pleasantly surprised to see you are of Czech heritage. My husband is of Slovak heritage…and we absolutely love visiting both countries.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration and providing justification for all the “crazy” ideas I come up with.

  13. Your link to the raw pet food is down, mind reposting? I have 8 cats and could use some input for their health. Thanks!!

    • Thanks for pointing that out! The link is fixed, now.

  14. Jana Polivka

    Hi! I am Jana Polivka. I am married to Dwight Polivka. Could we be related??? Love your blog. It sounds as if we have something in common!! Would love to hear if there is a connection somewhere. :)

    • Hey there Jana! Thanks for stopping by! Where is your husband from? My husband’s family is from the Czech Republic. :) Also, how did you find us?

  15. Christine Smith

    Hi Courtney, just came across your blog and love it! Although I love the content (raw milk/real food), it was your name that I noticed first. My maiden name was Policka (pole-lee-ka), and I have never seen another last name that was so close to that!! I don’t know much of the history, except that when my grandfather came to America, his last name was actually Policha (pole-lee-ha) but that was too hard for people to pronounce so he changed it. Nice to meet you and thanks for the great info on your blog ~ Chris Smith – yeah, I went from Policka to Smith :)

    • Kate

      Hi Christie, I´m from Slovakia, is near TchechRepublic – and do You know, what does Your name Policka mean? It´s little shelf :) And Courtney – with name Polivka is a very good czech actor, Bolek Polivka :)

  16. Hello there, Courtney! Just found you through one of the health networks and Nutrition on a Budget. I blog at Whole New Mom. I see that you are in Murfreesboro! I’m pretty sure my hubby is there regularly (yearly, at least) for conferences – and his heritage is Czech as well! Just thought I’d say “hi”. I’m a new subscriber and LOVE your recipes. :) Look forward to connecting more.

    • Hey there Adrienne! I emailed you about a dehydrator a while back, and I’ve linked up on Allergy Free Wednesdays (Traditional Tuesdays?) a few times, too. :) It’s so random that your husband comes to Murfreesboro of all places! Thanks for subscribing. You’ll have to let us know what recipes you try!

  17. Katie Stanley

    I think I am officaly addicted to your blog! :) Just reading through the recipes is making me drool. I’m a huge fan of Indian food so I’m going to be stopping by often.

    • Wow! Thanks! We’re glad you’re here! :) Be sure to try the Carrot Halva sweet Indian dessert. It’s one of our favorites!

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