Organic Spices

I source the majority of my spices from Pure Indian Foods. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having high quality spices in order to have great tasting food. I’ll never forget the realization I had when I switched from old, bland McCormick spices to fresh, flavorful, quality-sourced spices from Pure Indian Foods. My food suddenly tasted 100 times better. It was almost like I became a better cook overnight. Pure Indian Foods sources their spices from organic small family farms in India, and the owner goes to India every year to visit the farms and get to know the people growing the spices. Many of these spice farms have been there for hundreds of years. The FLAVOR and AROMA of Pure Indian Spices are incredible. Obviously, I highly recommend them!

Spice & Herb Exploration Kit

These beautiful kits contain mini-sizes of 40 organic spices and herbs + 8 exotic spices featured in the Flavor Crash Course. See, taste, and smell the spices and herbs discussed in the course, or simply purchase for fun or as a gift for a friend. Get a discount when you purchase more than one kit.