I am healthy & happy to be alive!


That’s the mantra I repeated to myself over and over this morning as I ran a 2 mile loop around my neighborhood in the sunshine.

I am HEALTHY and HAPPY to be alive!

I kept marveling at how I got here: running, pain-free, capable, vibrant, happy, and self-motivated!

In high school, I ran track and played volleyball freshman year, but by sophomore year I had shin splints and multiple stress fractures in both my tibias. I was unaware that I had stress fractures for a while, and my coach told me to run through the pain, so I did, which exacerbated an existing hip problem and caused me to injure my left knee. I ended up with clicking/grinding in the knee cap and excruciating nerve pain on a pressure point, which made it impossible to kneel.

Before this, I made it to the state championships, where I placed 3rd in the open 400. But that was the last race I ran because I was in too much pain.

I had x-rays taken, which revealed multiple stress fractures at the top and bottoms of both tibias, and they put me in air casts for a few weeks.

While I recovered, I got out of shape and lost motivation. I stopped exercising, and when I started again, I would bike and swim, but it was sporadic and un-disciplined. Running made me hurt, and I would end up with injuries again. Even standing still for more than 5 minutes had become extremely uncomfortable.

Coming out of high school, I was also dealing with various autoimmune issues, which is why I started to explore eating differently.

Basically, I’m saying that up until recently, I haven’t felt GOOD in my body. But today, I felt GREAT! I felt healthy and happy to be alive!

After moving to California in June, I started receiving upper cervical chiropractic care, which began the process of removing chronic pain from my body. Upper cervical chiropractic care differs from full spine care in that it only deals with the two topmost bones in the spine: C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis). The atlas, in particular, can be considered the most important bone in your body because it houses and protects the brainstem. If it is misaligned (subluxated) compared to the bones around it, then it can put pressure/tension on the brainstem and spinal cord. A misalignment can put tremendous strain on your body, preventing organs from functioning at 100% and slowing down the healing processes in your body. It’s a great idea for everyone to get checked out at least once in their life by an Upper Cervical specific chiropractor.

Immediately after receiving my first upper cervical adjustment from my now-boyfriend (and soon to be Dr.) Josh Silver, the chronic pain in my neck and mid-back 100% disappeared and, to this day, have been absent since July 2013. He also adjusted my left hip, which eliminated the chronic pain I’d been experiencing for over a decade.

For the first time in YEARS, I’m pain free in my own body! Chiropractic and nutrition have truly changed my life!

Last week, Josh challenged me to run two miles without stopping. I told him I was afraid to run again because ever since high school, any attempts at running had resulted in pain and injury. But after getting adjusted, I am feeling the best I ever have. No excuses!

Known for preaching the power of positivity and positive affirmations, he encouraged me that I was CAPABLE and that exercise is more about determination than strength. He taught me how to pace myself while running, and he told me that movement is the expression of life. Life is movement. Movement is life. And he’s right! I feel ALIVE!

It was such an amazing feeling to run today in the warm mid-morning sunshine, while the air was still fresh and cool from last night. At one mile, I felt myself getting scared and wanting to quit, but I evaluated my body and realized that I felt fine! No clicking, no aching, no sharp pains, nada! Revived, I rejoiced at the sun on my face, raising my hands to the sky in a “power pose” and running with a big smile on my face.

As I neared the end, I sprinted the last 100m. I DID IT! I DID IT! As I walked back home, my body carried me easily, without creaking or groaning.

Today, I am healthy and happy to be alive.



  1. Christin says

    It’s amazing thinking how “normal” we think our aches and pains are. Many people don’t even know how long our spines are supposed to hold up for! Google it and see! My husband is a Chiropractor, what he does is the lifeline to our family.. I’m so thrilled when people speak of the benefits. It is however not just for pain but for overall wellness too! Glad your taking care of yourself and you’ve found the right doctor to meet your need

  2. C. says

    How can I find out if a chiropractor is an Upper Cervical specific chiropractor? Is there a database somewhere online I can search or do I just ask around? Thank you :)

  3. Sara west says

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m trying to get into being active regularly & this was inspirational! I live in the Bay Area also & I sooo think I need an upper cervical adjustment! Where would you recommend going? I don’t mind driving to be able to go to someone highly recommended! Thanks!

    • says

      Hey there Sara! What area are you located in, and I can try to find someone near you? Or you are welcome to call the Life West Health Center located in Hayward, CA. They have student docs associated with the college that offer care at a discounted rate. I could try to set you up with a good upper cervical intern. http://www.lifewesthealthcenter.com

  4. says

    Courtney – it was such a joy to read your post this evening. I’m so happy to see you feeling and doing so well. Your blog has inspired me in ways I’ve yet to share with you and has positively impacted my life. it’s so good to see you on an equally happy path as well.


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