Courtney tries cycling and learns to fly

Courtney tries cycling and learns to fly

This week, I got a new bike! A legit road bike with clip in pedals! I’ve always always loved biking, but I’ve never owned a road bike. Now that I’m dating Josh and he cycles all the time, we’re going to go biking together, and I needed a suitable ride. I’ve only ever had a hybrid mountain bike, which worked just fine in college (albeit a bit heavy), but wasn’t suited for long distance rides.

I’ve had the same bike from middle school, through college, and into adulthood. That is, until last week! When I sold my old bike and made a long-term investment in my health by buying a legit road bike.

One of my major goals this year was to get back into exercising regularly. Yeah yeah, isn’t that everyone’s goal all the time?

But I have motivation! I’m not a mother yet, and I don’t know how or when I’ll have babies. But I AM a fertility advocate and a birth doula, so babies are always on the brain! I’ve spent the last 5 years improving my diet and reversing my allergies and autoimmune issues. And chiropractic care helped FINALLY rid me of pain in my neck, back, hip, and knee joints.

Now that I have energy again and I’m allergy and pain-free, it’s time to strengthen my body!!

Last week, I told you how I was able to run 2 miles without stopping for the first time in 8 years. This week, I went on my first long-distance bike ride EVER!

Josh was there to show me the ropes and teach me cycling etiquette. We drove to a trail so I didn’t have to do much cycling on roads while I adjust to clipping in and out of the pedals. I got these really cool looking Crank Brothers Candy pedals, which allow me to clip in from any side. The pedals clip to the bottom of my shoes, which means I can pedal both down OR up, and they give me more leverage and endurance.

Candy Pedals

Josh was really great and helped to load and unload the bikes. He showed me how to take the front wheel on and off and how to spin the wheels to make sure the brakes don’t rub. After our ride, Josh told me to go take off my shoes while he loaded the bikes back into the truck. He had a pensive moment, and commented that when he was a kid, it was his dad’s job to load/unload heavy/bulky things from vehicles while the kids hopped in the car or ran inside or whatever. But now it was his job. It was such a quiet, appreciative, pensive moment. Just really nice.

I think we all have moments like this, where we think back on what our parents did and appreciate their efforts now that we are also adults. I know I do. Every single day I’m reminded of my mother and how much she loves me and has done for me throughout my life. :)

Anyway, off topic! Back to biking! So yesterday, we biked 15.5 miles, which sounded kind of far at first, but turned out to be easy! The trail we rode was easy, too, and level, so I got to practice without fear of falling into traffic or plummeting down a hill. Hehe.

YES. I’m a noob. But it’s okay! Before long, I’ll be just as good as the rest of ’em! ;)

Courtney tries cycling and learns to fly

What I like about cycling is that it’s non-impact, it’s outdoors, it feels like flying, it’s great cardio, it’s fun, and when you’re doing long distance, you get to see some really cool scenery and towns!

Ooo! I also learned about how awesome bike culture is! While riding, my front brake started to rub because the bolt was loose. We stopped, but we didn’t have a wrench. Within 30 seconds, another biker stopped and asked us if we were okay and offered us the use of his wrench. Voila! Fixed! And while we were tightening the bolt, two other bikers pedaled past us and shouted, “You got it??” We gave them a thumbs up and a “yes!” and they kept biking, but it was SUPER COOL to see community! You all know how much I love community and being a part of something bigger than myself. ^_^

Community is great, my friends. And so is exercise! If you don’t typically like exercise, try getting involved in a group and making friends. When I was doing Crossfit before trying chiropractic school, the only reason I got up at 5:30am in the morning was to hang out with the cool people at the gym that hour. Haha. A lot of my friends like zumba and bikram yoga, too. Whatever you decide to try, get involved with a class! It’s much more fun with other people! :)

Oh, and about me learning to fly? That’s what biking is like: FLYING! My friends, I am revived!


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